9 Aug 2014


You people think I'm scared of you?
Ha, I ain't scared of you.
Wither it's just 5 or 6 or 5 or 6 hundred,
I have extended my soul to crowds until my throat felt like thunder,
Veins popping out of my head, just so you could feel everything that I said,
I've laughed, cried, told true stories that may or may not have been lies,
And after all the random shows, and other random gigs
In front of random people and other random things,
I've become pretty damn confident,
That is until she came along and just ruined everything,
Look at her, over there, acting all, perfect
Ha, you think I'm scared of you; I am so so so scared of you,
No not even scared, I am terrified, horrified, petrified, chicken fried
With a large side of nervous and a medium cup of hope
Hope that you won't destroy my achy breaky little heart,
And I know what you are all thinking,
"Look at him, he's so cool, and smart and funny and kind of looks like a young Denzel"
I know, but despite all those wonderful traits and this God gifted frame,
When it comes to approaching the ladies, I have absolutely no game,
But since I'm the guy, I guess I'm supposed to say something first,
Like, Hi, my name is meet you, nice to bone-ya, I mean, Boonaa, I mean...
Smooth operator malfunction, going into whack mode,
Hey there, foxy lady, my name is Boonaa Mohammed, I'm a poet, plus I write poetry,
It's really really deep; hummm, oh you know the regular stuff,
Black power, revolution, love, hummm, oh yeah you can check me out on facebook,
You can be my friend, we can poke... AHHHHHHH
I can't let the devil take over my system,
But I don't want to make a mistake, no not with this one
And to approach her in a proper way, I would need her parent's permission
But us kids from the west, what do we know about tradition,
She's used to getting picked up in malls; I'm used to getting picked up by policemen
So I have to figure out a way, to make her want to stay
But what's the most convincing thing I can say to an angel?
The fresh prince of Bel-air made everything look so easy,
But try using any of his lines without sounding so creepy,
So maybe I should try just telling her the truth,
Hi, I know you don't really know me,
but I'm pretty sure I wanna marry you
And if it helps, I've been facebook creeping you like crazy,
so I kind of feel like I know you
And let me just say that I think you're a wonderful, amazing, fantabolous piece of art
And I know you probably have guys drooling over you all the time,
And I don't want to have to sell myself to you,
Unless there is a guarantee you're going to buy,
But honestly, I think you're pretty ill, so I told myself I would at least try,
And maybe you can tell that I don't really talk to girls all the time,
Mainly because I just don't have the time,
But also because if it's blind, love has yet to catch my eye,
So I'm sorry if this conversation is already becoming boring,
My point is, I'm an O.K. guy, I can even have references for you in the morning,
And I know we're young, but I want to start a family with you
And name our kids fun names like Osama Bin Ladin part 2
I think I love you, like old people love prunes
And all I really want is for you too love me too,
Ahhhhh, never mind who am I kidding, this thing will never work,
Because she's kind of a good girl, and well, I'm kind of a jerk,
But you never know God works in mysterious ways,
And thanks to her, I know it works to pray,
So maybe one day, I'll get you to sign that life long contract
Until then, I won't make a move, yours truly, Mr. Scaredy Cat

on the way pergi office pasang cd BM ni (boona M). biasanya dengan orang lain dalam kereta diorang akan tanya. "cd apa ini??". dah faham kena buka radio. bila sendiri tetiba track no 3 kut. mr scardy cat. tergelak sorang-sorang. haha teringat zaman belajar. 

tetiba terdetik apa pun yang kita buat kalau nak buat Allah happy rasa macam sangat tenang dan best. contoh nya rasa macam nak balik kampung di kulim. sebab kita tahu kita dan orang kampung akan happy dengan kepulangan kita, dalam perjalanan dan persiapan nak sampai kulim itu kalau kita buat dengan niat yang memang nak menghappy kan diri sendiri dan orang kulim. sure kita akan rasa tenang dan happy dalam persiapan diri. tidur yang cukup. makan yang kenyang (?) bertenaga. 

okay sahaja aku nak balik kulim kerana Allah taala

#moodjiwanggilahape?shuuh =_=''

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